Hi! I’m Rachel Karten, a social media consultant based in Los Angeles. I have worked in social media for over ten years and previously led the social media team at Bon Appétit and Epicurious. During my four years at Bon Appétit, the social team won a social Webby Award three years in a row and also won a prestigious National Magazine Award for best social. Since leaving in 2020, I have been consulted on social media strategies for brands like CAVA and west elm.

Link in Bio is one of the top business newsletters on Substack, and has been featured in other newsletters like Embedded and ICYMI with Lia Haberman. It has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Grubstreet, and more.

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Link in Bio is the newsletter I wish existed for the past ten years I’ve worked in social. I have always found resources for social media managers (and aspiring social media managers) to be extremely bleak. There are the SEO-optimized blog posts from the tool you use to schedule posts. There is that one coworker who thinks that just because they post their cat on Instagram that they are an expert. There are those books that are out of date by the time they are published. But there is nowhere to go if you want to hear from the people who, you know, live on the internet and do this thing for a living.

Through thoughtful interviews with the social managers behind your favorite brands and insightful breakdowns of social strategies, I am building an essential tool for anyone interested in social media and the internet.


Link in Bio is anchored by free every-other-week interviews with the people who actually press post. We’ve heard from Travis Lyles who runs the Instagram team at the Washington Post, Nicolle Lopez who wrote that Amtrak “trains” tweet, Moh Kloub who creates shareable content over at ESPN, Amy Brown who basically invented the Sassy Brand at Wendy’s, and so many more talented social professionals.

In addition to these interviews, paying subscribers get a weekly send called Logged On, a jam-packed newsletter with my favorite social posts from the week, mini essays on relevant social topics, strategy tips, and anything else I feel like talking about that week. Here’s an example of what a Logged On post looks like.

Most exciting, all paying subscribers will get an invitation to the Link in Bio Discord group! This will be a place for social professionals to meet, bounce ideas off one another, chat with newsletter interviewees, get feedback in real time, and more. I’ll be in there every day too— sharing posts I love, answering questions, and more.


Every-other-week interview

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Every-other-week interview
Weekly Logged On series
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Everything PAYING gets…but maybe you’re in the c-suite or are someone who can pay up front to keep this thing going!

breakdown of subscription pricing! free gets every other week interview. paid gets interview, logged on series, and discord invite for $8 per month of $80 per year. And c-suite is all that paying gets but maybe you're in the c-suite and can swing $150 per year!

I want to note that this newsletter is an educational resource and can likely be expensed through your company. I have even written a handy template for you to use when asking! If you are going to expense this through your company, please consider paying annually.

Every 50 paid sign-ups I receive, I comp 10 paid subscriptions for students or people who can’t swing the fee, so if you’re interested in being comped, please sign up here.

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Link in Bio is a newsletter about working in social media, creating clever content, and making sure your boss never asks you to “go viral”.


I’m Rachel Karten and I’m a social media consultant helping brands build value-driven social strategies that delight.